Employees at the Northern Pacific Railway Company (NPRC)

This material is a large index to the personnel files of the Northern Pacific Railway Company. NPRC began keeping personnel files in about 1909 until the mid 1960s, although some records may include work history dating as far back as the 1880s. Approximately the index has information about more than 200 000 people, many of whom are Scandinavians. In the index one can find information such as names, occupation and employee number. The employee number corresponds to a personnel file that can be found at the Minnesota Historical Society.

The files consists of applications for employment, employee medical examination reports, records of promotions, leaves of absence, dismissals etc. There are also records of employments in various departments within the company, salary schedules, information about part time student employees, age, nationality, place of birth and residence and other miscellaneous information.

Some files are missing, particularly for the early part of the series. In total there are about 210 100 files. Initially the files are listed alphabetically and one can browse through the files. The index is being digitized and will be searchable in EmiWeb.

For more information, please contact the Minnesota Historical Society (www.mnhs.org).

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