Information about Obituaries from Swedish-American newspapers:

Obituaries from Swedish-American newspapers

There have been a number of magazines in American with a connection to Sweden, some still active, but many have come and gone over the years. In them the reader could commonly find information about emigrants who had died in America. The currency of magazines was intended for larger areas with Swedish population, any many of these news items provide valuable information about the deceased. A few magazines have been browsed for information, and information has been found about the deceased’s name place- and time of death, emigration year and birth. The information source and its publication date have been entered as well. This information was later compiled in a database. Some information about descendants and their relation to the emigrant has been gathered from “Sändebudet”. If the deceased has a reference in the EmiWeb database, this is also stated. At present, the register contain approximately 60 0000 entries. Included newspapers are: Svensk-Amerikanska Tribunen [1867-1939] (By Bertil Grundström) Nordstjärnan [from 1874 to March 26th 1931] Magazine still active (By Bo Björklund) Sändebuded [1862-1969] (By Bo Björklund) As well as parts of Agustana, where we have started scanning parts of magazines, to be able to read the news item in full. As a first step in this project, the news items pertaining to Swedish-born people in the 1912 issues of Sändebundet have been compiled and are available at the opening of EmiWeb.


Read the article from the newspaper Emigranten by Bo Björklund (In Swedish)

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