Information about Swenson Center photo collection:

Scandinavian-American Portrait collection (1995-1930)

This collection contains several hundred portraits of early Augustana Synod pastors and leaders, photographs of confirmation classes, and institutions associated with the Augustana Synod and Augustana Seminary in Rock Island, Illinois.

Augustana Book Concern photographs (1890s - 1950)

This collection consists of photographs of Augustana Synod Institutions across the Midwest including: Orphan's Homes, Old People Homes, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, the Augustana Book Concern, Immigrant Homes, Immanuel Woman's Home in Chicago, the Chicago Inner Missions, Bethphage Mission, and other Augustana Synod affiliated institutions.

Arthur Helge Swan photographs (1881-1915)

This collection contains portraits of Arthur Helge Swan, both from his childhood and as an adult. Included are also photographs of his father's (G.N. Swan) home in Sioux City (Iowa), friends and family members

Upsala College (East Orange, N.J.) photograph collection (1880s - 1960s)

The collection contains photographs of early sports teams at Upsala College, such as the baseball team, the football team, the basketball team and the gymnastics team. Included are also portraits of early faculty members, student groups, and campus buildings.

C. A. Larson family photographs (1880-1960)

Included in this collection are family photographs and portraits of Augustana Synod pastors. The family resided in Kansas and later Rock Island, Illinois.

Madrid (Iowa) subject and photograph collection (1870-1880)

The collection consists of photographs of charter members of the St. John's Lutheran Church in Madrid, Iowa, specifically the Dalander family, Reverend Hokanson, and the Martinson family.

Col. Robert Swanson photographs (1885-1950s)

Included in this collection are portraits of the Swanson family on their farm in Ogema, Wisconsin, and photographs from lumber camps and mills in Wisconsin where family members were employed.

Olof L. Peterson family photographs (1891-1956)

The collection contains family photographs of Olof L. Peterson (1840-1908) and his wife, Brita Lisa Hanson (1840-1916) and their children: Olivia A. Peterson (1866-1924); Alfred L. Peterson (1868-1920); Oscar Manuel Peterson (1871-1956) and Oscar Valentine Peterson (1881-1936).

Roy A. Anderson family photographs (1904-1950)

The collection consists of photographs sent to relatives in Sweden by the extended Anderson family. The majority of the photographs depict the Carl A. Fryxell family of Moline, Illinois; John G. Johnson family in Moline, Illinois, and extended family members in Rockford, Illinois.


The database has been constructed as the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Rock Island IL, USA.

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